Monday, June 22, 2009

Two Hours to Ruin a Weekend...

What a weekend! Saturday was a nice day...drove to my parents' house (they were in Virginia Beach for the weekend) to make sure that the 3 cats didn't destroy the house. On my way back home, met my sister for lunch, & received a phone call from my parents that there's a HUGE art festival going on this weekend in Virginia Beach. So, I decide that I'll just get up early to beat traffic for the 3 hours drive to the beach. Well, since I'm getting up early, I might as well get up to see the sunrise! Sunday morning, the alarm goes off at 1:30am...I'm on the road at 2am. The drive varied from easy to hard...I made sure that the music was on (I've kinda got a thing for Linkin Park right now...Great 'stay away' rock music!) & the AC was going too! I made it to the beach at 5:20am, parked 'illegally' in a hotel parking lot and got some AWESOME shots of the surf & sun! Of course, my early-bird father was already awake, so I gave him a call (got a hotel parking pass so I was no longer 'illegal') got my mother, and we spent a few hours on the beach. We packed everything up, cleaned up, checked out, and strolled the art show. There was A LOT of beautiful works! If I had more money (and a cat-less house!) I would have been coming home with a car-full of sculptures, paintings, vases...

The weather-guessers were wrong AGAIN! There was not supposed to be any rain yesterday afternoon, but when the dark clouds rolled in and the rain came down, we decided to head out. The drive back into Northern Virginia was good...I don't remember most of it, until I stopped at a rest area to say 'good-bye' to my parents. We conversed about the recent 'scare'...It was about a mile beforehand that I had a State Trooped on my bumper and (sleep-deprived and scared!) I was freaked out that I was going to get pulled over when I had done nothing wrong! We parted with the "Love"s and my mother saying "Call when you get home." About 30 minutes later, I realize I haven't seen my cell phone in a while...and while in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I start turning through my camera bag, my purse, my beach bag...can't find it! "Maybe it's under the seat?"...I get off at the next stop, pull into a gas station (with a pay phone, just in case) and turn the contents of my car upside-down! It's nowhere! I panic and worry that my parent's aren't yet home...but it doesn't matter. As the tears begin flowing, I insert my 75 cents into the payphone ::ring ring:: "Hello?" My beloved sister! "Megan!" "Are you calling from a payphone?"...and after more tears & frustrations, we hang up with the idea that she'll call my cell's on sound, I'll hear it ring! Silence in the car drags I start my car and head towards the interstate leading AWAY from my house...destination: Rest Stop. Winding through more traffic (my life is filled with more traffic than should be legal!) I decide after more crying & screaming (the point where I usually call my mother) to go to my parents' house.

I pull up the long, winding, familiar drive-way, "Good, everyone's here"...walk into the house (sunglasses still on, because I KNOW that I look less than presentable from all my crying!) "Don't worry, they won't run up your bill. I've already shut down the line" father then explains that 'they' hung up on him three times...'they' were just a bunch of kids who either didn't speak English, or were pretending to. *sigh* I really didn't want to have to buy a new's not in the budget...but it's my only mobile form of communication! (No landline in my house) So, after our make-shift, impromptu Father's day gifts and ice cream cake (which I had TOTALLY thought about doing, but apparently so did my sister! Her real cake was better than my thought-that-didn't-happen!), I headed out to the Verizon store.

At first, I was told that I didn't have insurance (Really? Oops!) and that I'd either have to purchase a new phone at the one-year price or get someone's old phone connected to my number until I'm eligible for my upgrade in August. I kind of needed a phone now (or two-hours ago!) so I decided to cave and get a new one-year phone. The 'Sales' guy tried to ask me again if I knew anyone with an old phone (I did, but I don't WANT someone's old phone...I want my OWN phone!)...and then he tells me that someone had called Verizon to report my phone...Did I want to go back to Customer Service so they can "investigate"...I hate be transferred while I'm IN a store (as if phone transferring is any better?! GAH!)...I ask what this person's number is, I'll call him. After a few minutes of clicking and typing, I'm about ready to repeat my question (while thinking that the lady in Customer Service should have TOLD me they tried to contact me!), he looks back up at me and says that "it's really strange because Alberto didn't leave any method of contact & there's no way for me to get in touch with new phone it is?" I tell him that I'll take the new Envy...even though it's supposed to cost me MORE than I paid for that stupid (only works when it felt like it) Krazr! More computer mouse clicking, signing on the line a few times, a few manager questions ("shh, I'm getting you your upgrade now")..."Oh! You should play the lotto today! The system...never mind! I'm not even going to try to explain what it did, I'll just give you the total"...after this WHOLE thing was said and done, the new phone costs me $35! (Mind you, if I was to go in as a new customer, I'd be paying $50 for the phone!) Kudos to Verizon!

Of course, when turning my car upside-down last night, my work ID badge got left on the passenger seat of the car...and it's NOT my turn to drive the car I'm now sitting 'illegally' at my desk because I refuse to visit the unpleasant receptionist to get a temp badge (for being here for 6 months, I've forgotten my badge twice before this morning...)

Is it Friday yet?!

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