Thursday, July 30, 2009

La Rupublica Dominicana

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here...but after readjusting to being back in the States, here's some of my favorite vacation pictures:

My sister and I (I'm in the black dress) with a donkey in front of the fort in Puerto Plato.

The sunrise over the peaceful and calming! The sun was WHITE when it came up, although it washed out this picture, it's still pretty!

This was the beach we were at all week! Those cabana beds, hammocks and chairs are REALLY nice! And the trees are Dominican Grape Trees! Such a wonderful place, it was HARD to come back to working in an office...

This is our's a three suite house!

Monday, July 6, 2009

No AC?!

So, it's been a great few weeks...the summer is getting in full swing. The sunshine. The 90 degree heat. Pools are open. And my 23 year old AC unit has died! I bought the home warranty when I bought my house last I called and they sent someone out to look at it. Well, previous owners didn't take care of the unit, so the motors and fans are full of dust, dirt, hair...and who KNOWS what else. Since the malfunction is due to the lack of cleaning, the warranty I have is void! FABULOUS!

Last week, I came down with the flu...nasty fever, muscle fatigue and soreness, sleepy, sore throat, coughing, want to crawl in hole forever, kind of flu! Well, after getting my employee evaluation-based pay raise (supposedly, the evaluation determines the pay evaluation was great but I'm still a "below average" employee for pay raises?!) I thought that it was best to call in sick only if needed...aka, I'm dying and cannot drive! With the proper timing of dayquil doses, I wasn't feeling TOO bad, although I could feel when the fever returned!

And to make the whole (short, holiday) week even MORE fun, the AC at work broke too! So I only was getting cool air in my car...!!

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