Monday, March 16, 2009

Ink Drawings

Westminster Abbey, London, England
May 2007
This is a hand sketch I did from a photograph I took on my trip to London. Being a designer by heart, the intricate ornamentation of the Gothic facade fascinates me. Being a perfectionist, this was one of the most difficult sketches I've attempted! I'm very fond of my blue pen, but I wanted to experiment through using another color ink. It takes some work for even me to get past the negative connotation that red ink holds (flashback to receiving college thesis papers back from my professor 'marked up' and bleeding red ink!). I do feel that, if used on the right subject, that the red ink would be a very powerful statement, but I'll end up using it sparingly, so I don't desensitize myself to my intended emotion of the red ink.

"Back Road" in Venice, Italy
July 2006
Also sketched from a photograph, I feel as though this sketch better communicates the feeling of Venice than the photograph could ever do! The bars on lower residential windows, while the upper windows open to flower boxes and flowing curtains. The scalloped canopies on the storefront windows across the canal. The movement of the water in the canal. Through the simplicity of the colors in the composition, the true beauty of this unique and mysterious city is more visible.

Main House on Marymount University Main Campus
February 2007
Full of history with a former life as a mansion and donated for the education of many, this is the "Main House" at the University I graduatated from.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy
July 2006
Also done on my study abroad, this is an interior sketch of the Colosseum. The play of shade and shadow on this sketch truly tested my 'vision' as an artist.