Friday, September 17, 2010

Now's The Time

For all my fellow artists and crafters out there, I'm sure that you're looking for a selling venue which has the MOST amount of selling tools at the least amount of money each month. Sure, there are some free studios out there, but how much are you really getting....not as much as you COULD be getting. If you're like me, when I found "The Venue" I was a little bummed that I had missed out on the best price per month...Artfire's Charter accounts started out at $7 - I had missed that boat by about a week! Well, they are now offering $5.95 a month for the Pro accounts (For the life of your studio!) if 20,000 artist & crafters sign up. Now, what is included in this $5.95 you ask....well, to name a few:
* Optimized SEO searches, I can't COUNT how many hits I get from google searches!
* 1+ in internal searches over basic accounts (So if I search 'red earrings' the pro will show before the basic)
* Ad-free studio!
* Facebook kiosk (For an example, check out mine: HERE)
* Global Editing
* Importer (To get all your listings from Etsy in one sweep)
* ONE PAGE LISTING! So fast & easy!
* 10 product photos per listing!
* Inclusion in gift guides
* An AWESOME staff that stands behind this site & answers any/all questions to make this a GREAT business venture!

And of course, no contract, no hidden fees - a simple $5.95/month for as long as you keep your studio in Pro. There's nothing to loose, so make sure you secure your spot today! Here's the page with all the details:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kitty Cabinet

My two furries being silly!