Monday, June 22, 2009


I have MANY faults...and maybe one of those faults is being too trusting. I'd never make it as a spy-once I feel comfortable around someone (& s/he isn't giving off "creepy" vibes) I'll tell them anything...

I have a small group of close people to me. One of these such friends, has worked her way from being merely my kid sister to confidant. We've gone through a LOT in our 21.5 years together. I go to her for advice, for support, & for fun! She's more than just my little sister (or maybe that's what it means to be sisters & it's just taken me a LONG time to figure that out..??!!) There's nothing I won't do for her, no one's face I wouldn't break (only if I have far I've been lucky!), and no distance that I wouldn't travel for her. I would like to hope that we're at a stage where she knows this & knows me well enough to know when something is "out of character."

I've been informed from a trusted source (and through a very vague conversation...I don't know details, just 'generally' speaking) that allegedly I've said 'something' about her that was 'hurtful.' I was TRULY baffled. The only thing that I would say about her, is that she's got better luck than I do at winning free give-away's...that she has better luck with the boys than I do...The last time that I've had a complaint about her was back in high school (over stupid, petty stuff that didn't really matter in the grand scheme of life...but that's high school, right?) Why would I EVER have anything to complain about for a sister I'm so blessed & lucky to have?! Okay, well maybe my only complaint is that we don't spend enough time together!

...I've always seemed to have the personality to be a social butterfly...Ms. Popular. But THIS is exactly why I only have a few close people in my life. I feel that I've been betrayed...

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