Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Adventure

My parents are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary next week and my father, being the romantic that he is, was looking for a good "Silver year" gift for my mother. For their 8th anniversary, he planned a surprise Caribbean cruise, for their 16th he planned a surprise renewal of the vows wedding ceremony (complete with dress, veil, bridesmaids, limo, reception...Ceremony began at 3pm, my mother found out at 1pm!)

Well, my mother has been saying for a few months now that she's the ONLY one in the family without a dark blue, my father just bought her a dark blue BMW yesterday! He didn't have the driving arrangements to get it home last night, so I got to drive it from the dealership to my house, and then I got to drive it into the office this morning (he carpooled from his house, and I carpooled home...thank goodness we work in the same building!) I have to poor little 4 cylinder Asian-made car CANNOT compare to the smooth and easy acceleration I enjoyed this morning! I was VERY lucky I didn't run into any police officers on my commute...otherwise I would have been seeing some flashing blue lights!

Here's a picture of the beauty:


  1. AWW... your dad is so sweet! That is my absolute dream car... I tell my husband all the time!! BMW... gorgeous! I wonder if he will surprise me with one, our 11th anniversary is this month... hmm?? LOL A girl can always dream!

  2. Oh yes! Dream away girl!

    I hope that my future husband is taking notes!!! ;)