Saturday, September 5, 2009

Motivation...Making a Come Back

After starting the week off a little wompy about the slow-going of my Artfire shop...I seem to have made a slow turn around. Of course, with the support of my loving sister and fabulous Artfire sellers!

I've come away from this week, with new subject matter ideas, interesting ways to show off my prints! I unburied some note cards I had printed a year ago, which then motivated me to get some more note cards printed and some desk calendars. (Both of which, I'm still waiting to arrive in the mail....Hurry up postman!)

The next part...well, is kinda a long story. My current laptop was my high school graduation gift. It completely crashed my junior year in college (I had LITERALLY just printed the last part of my interior design studio semester project before it died...I still cried from the stress though!) My father had the hard drive replaced and boosted some memory and RAM (If you can't tell, I don't talk computer!) Well, apparently when I left college, the school-mandated antivirus software did NOT. Meaning that I've been wandering the internet past few years unprotected. My father, again, found my issue. I went to the store to purchase antivirus software, opened and insterted the disk into the computer. After a few minutes of it spinning and sounding like the disk drive was going to take flight, the computer spits it out! Huh?! Silly me! I thought that I had MS Windows XP...apparently I have the previous version of Windows. Oops! After weighting the Pros & Cons, it would be better to replace the laptop (for fear of the impending 'Crash of 2009') then upgrade my operating system (and I'm sure that would crash this poor laptop anyway!) Today, I stopped buy the computer store. I had an idea of what I wanted, but since I don't know much about technology, I asked the expert. I let him know what this is for (photography, not paper-writing) and well...I'm awaiting the delievery of my new toy! A MacBookPro!

Thinking into the next few months and years, it only made sense to get a laptop that can take the expansion of my photography. I'm hoping to break into engagements, weddings, and baby photography.

Again....I've got my eyes on the mail! I've done a LOAD of listings up in my Artfire shop...Now, I just hope that the rest of my holiday weekend is as relaxingly productive as today was!



  1. Its fantastic that you've got your computer issues dealt with, at least for now! and great to hear that you are so helps to inspire me...i have been creating new work and working on promoting my shop and my art work

  2. I'm glad you have your computer stuff figured out (computer stuff - I'm well versed apparently too). If you start taking lots of photos you will quickly fill up all your space. Think about an external hard drive. I about crashed ours as I used every last bit of memory space on the laptop. I thought I'd lost a whole camera worth of photos (not the end of the world but still upsetting.

    Also, make regular backups. I make backups on DVR and have a backup file on the external hard drive as well.

    Just some tips before you fill your computer with your lovely photos!