Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, Again So Soon?!

Wow! How is it, that that five days I'm owned by my employer drag on, but the two set aside for me fly by! Now, I'm not complaining...I've been through the hardships of, not one, but TWO layoffs last year. It's just that there's not really enough time to get what I need completed in two days. I would really love a 4x10 week with a day of telecommuting! But I think that I'm dreaming on that account!

Well, I think that this goes down as one of my least productive weekends! Saturday, I got my house reappraised, so we'll see how that turned out. Afterwards, I drove to my parents' house to celebrate my mother's birthday. And along the way, I searched endlessly and unsuccessfully for an old barn. I had the Nikon all charged and ready because I thought for SURE that I would find one...but again, I have been eluded by the barns! Yesterday, I was supposed to referee my first soccer game, but with all the rains, the grass fields were closed! I seriously, went back to bed for two hours...what better way to spend a rainy Sunday?!

Twenty-seven days until my first show of the's to (what will be!) a productive week!


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