Sunday, May 3, 2009

May's Adventures

Blue Pony
I've been spending the past week trying to ponder how I would sneak up on a beautiful car...and here I found one! I couldn't pass up the blue paint on this Mustang...and although I prefer Chevy Camero's to Fords, I still LOVE this shot!

Bunnyman Bridge
This is the bridge of a local legend of the "Bunnyman"...stories vary greatly of course. I was introduced to this legend of a insane man wearing a bunny-suit roaming these woods last year. I protested going to see this site (I don't handle scary movies, and just having these stories recounted to me made the adrenaline pulse through my veins!). Supposedly, this bunnyman would murder local people and hang them from this bridge with a note attached to his victims which read "You'll never catch the BunnyMan"
Looking at the bridge, it would be quite impossible to be able to do these allegeded actions, but I still felt my stomach drop when I saw it!
Either way, it's a very interesting photograph.

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